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Tom Sandoval Dragged Over Controversial 'T

Sep 12, 2023

Whether or not you know about the Vanderpump Rules scandal, which involves the affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, one thing is for certain…Andy Cohen is having a great time! He deserves it after the year he's had.

During part three of the season 10 reunion, you could tell that most of the cast has been through it after nearly 4 hours of hashing all of this out under those hot Bravo lights.

At one point, it was asked if Sandoval had slept with anyone else after embarking on his tumultuous affair with cast member Leviss. Ariana Madix, his partner of nine years, then said, "Well, you know who he did sleep with after he and Raquel started sleeping together? Me." At this point, Sandoval proved that he has nothing else to lose by sarcastically responding, "She kept her T-shirt on; it was really hot." You could then hear the universe shift with the rumblings of thousands of Bravo citizens shaking in anger, disgust, and potential violence.

Sandoval's pal and co-worker Tom Schwartz, who then began questioning every choice in his life, responded "Don't say that, dude. Don't say that," while the rest of the cast shook their heads and shouted at him. It was too late the damage was done (it was really done months ago, after all) and of course, Twitter did not take kindly to Sandoval's comments.

if i ever see tom sandoval in person after the t-shirt comment #pumprulesreunion #PumpRules

— gina (@ginatheamazingg) June 8, 2023

Ariana – "we slept together after you started sleeping with Rachel"

Sandoval – "…yea you kept a t shirt on the whole time, it was sooo hot…"

All of us watching – #PUMPRULES

— Britt Leitner (@itsbritlit) June 8, 2023

Sandoval saying "She kept her shirt on. It was really hot."………. #PumpRules

— not cory (@IAmNotCory) June 8, 2023

tom sandoval: yea you kept a t shirt on the whole time, it was sooo hot every single girl watching:#PumpRules

— Demi Hear Me🗣Roar (@demihearmeroar) June 8, 2023

every woman in America when Sandoval made that comment about Ariana leaving her t-shirt on for sex… #VanderpumpRules #pumprulesreunion #PumpRules

— Cayla Nicole (@caylanicolex) June 8, 2023

The Vanderpump audience ready to end Sandoval after that foul t-shirt comment #PumpRules

— Christina Bullock (@xtinabullock) June 8, 2023

"she kept her t-shirt on, it was really hot"


— bravo enjoyer (@bravoenjoyers) June 8, 2023

Of all the ways this cast has capitalized off on scandoval, if Ariana doesn't instantly have "I fuck in this t shirt" shirts made immediately then what was it all for!? #VanderpumpReunion

— Heather Mitchell (@Heather_ridg) June 8, 2023

….and that's exactly what happened! Madix dropped a "F*ck Me In This Shirt" t-shirt just hours after the big reunion. It features the star eating a piece of grilled cheese and can be yours for just $34.99! It sure seems like the woman is making the best of the horrible situation, though there is still more to come next week on the Secrets Revealed special. Maybe some of these secrets should remain….not revealed.

(Via Page Six)