These Knit Polo Shirts Are the Easiest Way to Look and Feel Cool This Summer
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These Knit Polo Shirts Are the Easiest Way to Look and Feel Cool This Summer

Oct 15, 2023

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WE'LL MAKE this quick. Knitted polo shirts are back in style. The best knit polo shirts have (of course) sweater-styling knitting that make them cozier, and more vibrant than your typical collared shirt. Most of these knits have retro and decorative patterns that provide an interesting texture, are breathable, and soft to the touch. That's why they're one of our go-to summer shirts.

The best knitted polos are made of wool, cotton, or linen, with the occasional cashmere or silk. Button options range from a full open front like a dress shirt, to an open neck with no buttons at all. However, most options feature the standard two or three button polo neck. When you’re looking for an alternative to a T-shirt or a button-down shirt, a knitted polo is the way to go. So we rounded up the best options out there to class up your shorts and chill out your suits all summer long.

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With a silky texture and elastic cuffed sleeves and body, this knitted polo from Buck Mason will elevate your look for any occasion. It is the perfect replacement for your old pique polos shirts. Rock it to a wedding with a summer suit or to the beach with some swim trunks.

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Avalon Knit Polo


For those brisk summer nights, J.Crew offers a cashmere knitted polo with a touch of warmth and a heap of swagger. It comes in five solid color options and five patterns, but the pink and navy stripe stands out in the best way. It may work just fine in the office, but it begs to be at a rooftop party.

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Cashmere Short-Sleeve Sweater


Using waffle knit fabric to make a shirt was a brilliant move. OAS made a full button down knitted polo so comfy you could fall sleep in it. We recommend that you show it off though.

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Waffle Short Sleeve Camp Shirt


Essentially, knitted polos are warm weather sweaters with a collar. Peregrine leaned into this fact by using raglan sleeves and a micro birdseye pattern for the Lyton Skipper polo. The nautical look goes well with white denim or pretty much any color chinos.

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Lynton Skipper Polo Shirt


Some shirts were just born to be worn while sipping a coconut cocktail on a tropical beach. This is one of them. Knitted polos tend to be understated, but Todd Snyder went in the opposite direction here and we should all thank him for it.

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Tile Open-Knit Cabana Polo


Tired or wearing t-shirts all the time? Try this polo built from a feather weight 100% cotton knit. Umber & Ochre used a natural plant based dye that will create a warm faded texture with time.

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Manbir Knit Polo


Nothing against the venerable plain white button down shirt, but it can feel stale sometimes. The perfect summer alternative is this v-neck polo from Reiss. You've still got solid white with a collar, but in a refreshing new package that looks equally great under a suit.

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Felix Slim Fit Rib V-Neck Polo


You can have a lot of fun with the knitted part of the polos. Case in point: this loose, lacy knit from Abercrombie with a full button front and a camp collar. Who needs a tank top when you've got this much ventilation?

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Crochet Button-Through Sweater Polo


When it gets chillier, go with a long sleeve knitted polo that is closer to a sweater with a collar. Charles Tyrwhitt nails the simple elegance of the design. It could look too stuffy if it wasn't cut to fit perfectly.

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Merino Polo Sweater


Using snaps instead of buttons on this knit polo was a clever touch by Percival. It is a 1950s style that fits in with the boxy cut and oversized chest pocket. The ribbed cotton material is extra stretchy without adding any elastic. No wonder this brand is a go-to knnited polo shirt for The Rock.

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Pablo Cuban Shirt


Knitted polos are retro to begin with, but Marine Layer took it three steps further with this design. It looks like it was pulled from Ashton Kutcher's wardrobe on That 70s Show. We can't promise you'll look as cool as him in it, but you'll be close.

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Greyson Sweater Polo


If you're a big fan of the pique cotton used for most polos, then this is a perfect transition into knit polos. The tight cotton knit used by Onia gives a similar feel to pique but with more breathability. Plus, the rubgy stripe design is a polo shirt classic.

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Cotton Textured Knit Polo


Saks Fifth Ave

Hearing "crochet" may illicit memories of that blanket your grandmother made you, but trust us when we say it makes a damn fine shirt too. Dandy Del Mar typifies a Mediterranean beach resort with its crochet knit polo.

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The Dominica Crochet Shirt


Banana Republic created a fun alternative to a short sleeve button down here. The ultra soft texture and super subtle piping details land this knitted polo in the "soft luxury" trend that's all the rage.

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Luxury-Touch Polo Shirt


Sure, plenty of menswear brands use check board patterns. But none have claimed the texture quite like Vans. This knitted polo gives the Southern California brand's signature beachside skater vibe.

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Checkerboard Button Front Cotton Polo


Olebar Brown used a knit as loose as a retro basketball jersey and it breathes just as well. That's one way to beat the summer heat.

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Bruno Stripe


From Mr. Porter's in-house brand, comes this polo version of a chunky knit sweater, slouchy fit included. You get all the cozy vibes of your favorite fisherman sweater in an airy loose knit cotton with short sleeves.

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Jacquard-Knit Cotton Polo Shirt


Wellen explains that the intricate knit pattern on this polo was inspired by ocean waves. Fitting then, that this is a perfect no-brainer shirt to throw on for all your summer activities, coastal or otherwise.

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Ripple Beach Polo Shirt


Oliver Spencer built their Hawthorn Striped knit polo to fit like an open neck, but he put a single button with a loop just incase you want to close it. The waffle knit fabric is ultra soft and breathable.

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Hawthorn Striped Waffle-Knit Polo Shirt


You can just picture this exact polo being worn at a backyard bbq by the most stylish dad in the neighborhood at some point in 1962. Wales Bonner nailed the retro vibe of the knitted polo shirt.

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Optimist Polo Shirt


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