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Jun 07, 2023

If you’re a fan of Jury Duty, the breakout hit mockumentary on Freevee and Prime Video, today has been filled with exciting news.

First, Freevee announced that on June 1, they’d be releasing all eight episodes of the series again with new commentary from Juror No. 6 Ronald Gladden, actor James Marsden (who Decider's own Nicole Gallucci called "perfect" in his role as himself in the series), Mekki Leeper (Noah), Cassandra Blair (Vanessa), and Maria Russell (Inez) and series director Jake Szymanski.

They’ll spill behind-the-scenes secrets and share reactions, anecdotes, and more, about the filming of Jury Duty.

With that announcement came another: Amazon is releasing a line of merch inspired by Jury Duty! Amazon Merch makes all of the T-shirts on Demand, so you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different shirt colors and cuts (like unisex or a slimmer women's cut) in sizes from small to 6XL.

Currently, there are 35 different designs available with all kinds of references to the comedy. Below, we rounded up a few of them, but you can see all of them on the Jury Duty Amazon storefront.

Pay homage to Jury Duty‘s unsuspecting victim-turned-national treasure Ronald Gladden with this popular vintage-style T-shirt.

Confuse your friends with this very real tee featuring the poster for a very fake movie.

There's one of these available for every juror badge number on the storefront.

One of Todd's funniest inventions is chair pants so that you can sit anywhere without a chair. This fake ad-style tee finds the humor in that situation.

Of course, there wouldn't be a trial at all without Cinnamon & Sparrow. Rep them with this subtle merch reference.

Judge Rosen's sick burn on James Marsden is immortalized with this T-shirt.

When Todd discovers his sequestration room adjoins Ronald's, he slides a note under the door with a code he created: One knock means I’m awake, two means I’m going to sleep, and three means I have leftover food if you’d like any.