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Local pride: Hafa Dude T

Sep 27, 2023

Staff Reporter

Garren Manglona Quitugua

STEP into the vibrant world of Hafa Dude Threads, where the deep roots of Garren Manglona Quitugua's Indigenous heritage intertwine with the realm of artistry. As a proud Saipan native hailing from the ancestral land of Igua in Rota, Quitugua has embarked on an extraordinary mission to transform his cultural essence into captivating works of art. This year, Quitugua unveiled Hafa Dude Threads, an enchanting local t-shirt brand that captures the essence of both men and women. These shirts showcase his ancestral heritage, serving as a vibrant tribute to his roots and cultural identity.

"It has always been my passion to make t-shirt designs since 2007 when I was in San Diego California. My cousin Lawrence Hocog also known as Hafa and his brother Chef Inas Hocog had started a Brand called KMMNWLTH. Also, other pioneers in the local brand T-shirt business who had paved the way for us entrepreneurs like Fotten Ga'ga', Chagi norf, Choke Chain, Ma'gas and Roil Soil and of course Tribe Marianas just to name a few," Quitugua said.

He said those people inspired him to also use his creativity to earn a living and become an entrepreneur.

"I think local brands are more than cool enough. They're meanings to every local brand out there. Each of our brands are unique in their own way. So Yes! local brands can compete with other well-known brands out there," Quitugua said.

He believes that many artists like him exist in the Commonwealth and can create something big and can make their island proud.

"It's all about being consistent and understanding the business aspect of it and the quality of your product to be successful in competing with other brands," he said. "Each brand out there is very unique in their own way," he added.

Quitugua said Hafa Dude Threads strives to inspire and push creative culture forward by embracing the local community's identity, promoting the Marianas culture, and living the islander lifestyle.

"However, you want. It is our Identity, Culture and Lifestyle that makes us INETNUN MARIANAS (One Marianas) This is our brand's slogan that will propel us to a hopeful and successful business moving forward" he said.

He is encouraging local artists to continue working on their craft and showcasing their talent.

"To our local community, we urge you to support local artists and entrepreneurs. We work so hard to create unique products and services that enhance our community's culture and economy. By choosing to shop locally, you're not only supporting the growth of the business but also helping create a vibrant and diverse community. So, next time you're looking for a gift or two, we encourage you to consider supporting locals and help them thrive," he said.

Quitugua is in the process of finalizing his ecommerce platform and setting up all his products.

To check out some of his designs visit hafadudethreads.com

Garren Manglona Quitugua

Staff Reporter

Richelle obtained a bachelor of arts degree in mass communications from the Far Eastern University in Manila, the Philippines. She was a junior reporter for Marianas Variety from 2009 to 2010, and from 2014 to 2015. In the Maldives, she worked as a news reporter and marketing executive. In her free time, she's a painter, pianist, and mom baker.

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