Columbus Crew join Blue Jackets, Cleveland Browns on list of losers
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Columbus Crew join Blue Jackets, Cleveland Browns on list of losers

Apr 18, 2023

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Dear Editor: Watching the Crew is fast becoming a "put a bag over your head" frustrating experience. Just like watching the Blue Jackets and the Browns. Watching the Nashville game, especially the second half, one had to wonder: Am I watching professional soccer or a high school game? The Crew's play was pathetic. The team needs to watch that game again and again and again.

Chet Ridenour

Dear Mr. White: College football in September is, in a word, unwatchable, unless, of course, a menu of Power Five vs. Alcorn State 75-0 games is your thing. (Jim Tressel used to defend the 75-0 maulings of Akron with a self-congratulatory, fiscally obvious: "We kept the money in Ohio.") Alarmed that non-conference game tickets were being offered on Stub Hub for $1, the powers-that-be mandated Power Five teams must schedule at least one fellow Power Five school (see: OSU v. ND) for their non-conference slate. (I’ll bet the phones at Rice, Vandy and Kansas were ringing off the hook.)

Now that rule is going away. And, meanwhile, the SEC is in conflict over whether to alter its 8-4 conference/non-conference ratio to 9-3 owing to Texas and Oklahoma being bigger draws than Troy and Murray State. Surprise! Georgia likes things as they are. My guess is they’ll stand pat and "study" that one for a decade or so. Recognizing all this, I vote that the Big Ten eliminates the September doldrums and opts for an "All Big Ten, All the time" schedule. In other words: The NFL model. Sept 7: USC at Michigan, OSU at Iowa. The 12-team playoff system is flexible enough to absorb this tougher approach, and revenue lost from fewer home games could be recouped with higher prices for tickets and higher ratings for games people actually want to watch and pay for.

Jon Armstrong

To the editor: The two-part edited interview with the present head basketball coach Chris Holtmann was a fitting tribute from a coach who tried hard to win but was out of his depth. He talked about getting the buy-in from players and said they are playing to be good not great and said "we have to focus on consistently playing to be win and go from there." Wow. What a recruiting speech that is. Can you imagine Coach K or John Calipari saying that during an interview?

Mr. Holtmann sounds like a good person who deserves a head coaching job at Cleveland State, Walnut Ridge, or Columbus State - not THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

Michael Oser, Columbus

To Brian: I enjoyed the powerhouse Reds when I was a young man in the 70s, but success for them has been infrequent ever since. And after years of seeing so many Reds all-stars moved on with little in return, it got especially discouraging. But while many of those former all-stars have floundered, several younger players have come along to breathe life into a franchise even with their best prospect still in Louisville. I doubt if the Reds need to start printing World Series tickets any time soon, and while I do have fond memories of the Big Red Machine, this little engine that could is become very interesting to watch.

Dennis Singleton, Dayton

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