Arlington Soccer Association ditches white shorts
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Arlington Soccer Association ditches white shorts

Jan 11, 2024

Arlington's preeminent youth soccer league is nixing white shorts.

The Arlington Soccer Association announced yesterday that it would replace white shorts with blue shorts, starting in the fall. The move will create the "best possible environment for [female athletes] to feel comfortable and perform at their highest level."

The issue, a spokesperson for the association says, is that the white shorts can be somewhat transparent at times and are easily stained. Similar moves away from white shorts for female soccer players have been reported this year among national teams and a U.S. National Women's League Soccer team.

A Time article about the New Zealand and England national teams adopting new shorts colors cites "female athletes around the world voic[ing] concerns over period anxiety during matches."

White shorts will be replaced by blue shorts for all travel teams — boys and girls — ASA says.

"We already have an all-blue uniform set for our home games. And then we currently wear all white for our away game uniforms," noted Jerome Boettcher, ASA's Director of Communications and Engagement. "The new away uniforms will be a white jersey top with blue shorts. The away uniforms will remain all blue."

The organization's full press release about the move is below.

The Arlington Soccer Association will replace white uniform shorts with blue beginning in the fall of 2023 for all of its travel teams for home and away games. The change is intended to promote player confidence.

"We believe in empowering our female athletes," Arlington Soccer Executive Director Frank DeMarco said. "As a result of player feedback, and their concerns about wearing white shorts, we have decided to implement a change. We want to support them by creating the best possible environment for them to feel comfortable and perform at their highest level."

Arlington Soccer values all its players and strives to foster their love of soccer. The club recognizes the importance of supporting girls in sports throughout their adolescence and providing every opportunity for them to continue playing. Ensuring that all players are comfortable and confident in Arlington Soccer uniforms is one of many efforts that demonstrates the club's commitment to player well-being and their overall experience.