YouTube Invites Shorts to Participate in New Cross
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YouTube Invites Shorts to Participate in New Cross

Dec 22, 2023

Looking to get more exposure for your short videos on YouTube?

This could help – today, YouTube has launched a new initiative called #ShortsFriends, which invites Shorts creators to promote each other through reciprocal sharing within the app.

As per the above explainer, YouTube's looking to help Shorts creators get more reach by linking them together, as a means of cross-promotion and engagement.

By joining its dedicated Shorts Community (if you’re approved to do so), you’ll then have access to a broader network of creators who you can partner with to help promote and amplify related content.

As per YouTube:

"Our YouTube Shorts Creator Community is nothing without our wonderful network of creators. We are able to cultivate and connect creators much in part to working collaboratively with them to build the community together. Many of the rising stars in our Shorts Community come from referrals from fellow Shorts creators."

Which is why YouTube is now looking to build stronger networks of related Shorts creators, which will also help its algorithms better sort and filter Shorts uploads to the right audiences in the app.

It could be a good way to boost your Shorts presence, and get more views from people who are interested in your content, which could then help you build your community, and expand your YouTube efforts.

It could also be a good way to help rising content creators gain more traction in the app, by prompting those who have succeeded to pay it forward to others that are looking to establish their footing with Shorts content.

Shorts is YouTube's biggest growth element, with short-form content already driving billions of views in the app. Which could present significant opportunity to fast-track your channel growth – if you can get your content in front of the right audiences in the app.

You can apply here to become part of YouTube's Shorts Creator Community program.