These Stylish Workout Shorts Won’t Roll Up On You
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These Stylish Workout Shorts Won’t Roll Up On You

Mar 24, 2023

We all love a good pair of workout leggings, but let's be real, during the warmer months, shorts are where it's at. They give you the freedom to move without feeling restricted. Plus, they’re comfortable and suitable for a wide range of activities, from running and cycling to yoga and weightlifting. No matter your exercise routine, rest assured, the best workout shorts for women can carry you through it.

To help you find the perfect pair, below we’ve rounded up top-rated options for every kind of workout. Our top picks not only check the box for quality and comfort, but they also tout features such as quick-drying fabric, elastic or drawstring waistbands for additional support and pockets for convenience. Here, we breakdown the best workout shorts for women in 2023 from brands like Nike, Atheleta, Lululemon and more.

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Colors: 17

Made with stretchy and sweat-wicking fabric, these shorts will keep you dry and comfortable, no matter how intense your workout gets. As a bonus, they feature a wide, mid-rise elastic waistband that provides additional support around your core.

Made from recycled SuperSonic fabric, these shorts provide sleek support and compression for medium to high-impact workouts. They also include back and large side pockets for storing your essentials, as well as a no-slip waistband.

Sizes: XXS-XL | Colors: 2

These bike shorts are designed to handle high-sweat and high-impact workouts with ease. They are made with sweat-wicking material and sleek compression to ensure they stay in place even during the most intense sweat sessions.

Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: 5

Perfect for warm weather runs and intense training sessions, these shorts offer a secure fit and feature a soft, stretchy liner for maximum comfort. Plus, you can enjoy the added bonus of pockets to keep your small belongings safe.

Sizes: 0-20 | Colors: 8

These sweat-wicking shorts have a four-way stretch, lycra fiber for shape retention and a waistband drawcord. Also, note that they feel luxuriously smooth and have a hidden pocket for your cards and keys.

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