The 'unapologetically Northern' clothing brand that's become a hit for its 'mint' slogan tees
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The 'unapologetically Northern' clothing brand that's become a hit for its 'mint' slogan tees

Dec 07, 2023

"People from the North are just one of a kind,"

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An 'unapologetically Northern' clothing brand born out of a Covid lockdown is preparing to take things to the next level by opening its first store. Northern Power Garms specialises in personalised hoodies, sweatshirts and tees which feature some of the north's most common phrases and slang words.

It is the brain child of Jules Daniels, a make-up artist who began making and selling t-shirts to put food on the table during the pandemic.

Like many others at that time, Jules ended up out of work and turned to her creative side to help support her family.

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To her delight, Northern Power Garms was a hit - and Jules thanks the North for her success.

"People from the North are just one of a kind," she said.

"I honestly don't think clothes with Midlands or South slogans would have been as successful, and that's because the North does it best. And they want to show off they’re northern."

Some of the phrases featured on Northern Power Garms' range include 'angin', 'mint' and one of our favourites, 'it's not grim up north'.

"Our sayings are better, our accents are better - people from the North are 100 per cent real," creative designer Jules, who was previously based in Manchester city centre, added.

"There is no one prouder of where they're from than people from the North, and that's why I think this business has turned out so well."

Keeping with Jules’ ‘Proud to be Northern’ team, she also collaborates with artists from the North. Most recently, she worked with popular Yorkshire TikToker Em, also known as @miwallbank, who has over 1 million followers on the app.

Together they launched merchandise for Em's fans with the phrase "Hiya! Y’alright?" printed on t-shirts and hoodies.

Jules said the merch "flew out of stock" as northerners were desperate to get their hands on the hoodies. Other popular items, Jules says, include the slogans ‘Northern Girl Gang’ and ‘Reet Good’.

And now, following the success of the brand's online shop, Jules and the team have now confirmed plans to 'take the NPG experience to a whole other level' with the opening of their very first store in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

"This is a really exciting time for us and we’re so proud that we have been able to open up our very own shop. We have been supported by so many people along the way who have helped us make this a reality," she says.

"We’re currently getting the shop done up as it had to be completely gutted. Right now we’re sorting designs and getting new styles and prints ready for the launch."

While the shop is currently under total renovation, Jules has high hopes it will open in July.


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