‘I Knew I Had To Come Correct’: Beyoncé Fans Are Going All In on DIY ‘Renaissance’ Tour Looks
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‘I Knew I Had To Come Correct’: Beyoncé Fans Are Going All In on DIY ‘Renaissance’ Tour Looks

Aug 27, 2023

By André-Naquian Wheeler

Throughout her Renaissance world tour, which kicked off last month, Beyoncé has worn a staggering, ever-changing array of custom outfits by the upper echelon of fashion brands: Loewe, Mugler, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, David Koma, Alexander McQueen, and on and on. It's abundantly clear that Beyoncé is in her fashion era right now. Turns out, her fans are too.

Nerrisa Pratt, who lives in Farnborough in the UK and attended one of the tour's five London dates, busted out her sewing machine shortly after watching clips of the tour's first show on social media. She decided to re-create the sparkly flesh-toned Loewe bodysuit, designed by Jonathan Anderson, that Bey wears during the show. Pratt, who says she started making her own clothing due to a lack of options for her six-foot-one frame, made creative use of "glittery dance spandex and a cosplay Harley Quinn pattern from Simplicity" for the re-creation. Next, she used Photoshop to trace the bodysuit's trompe l’oeil hands, which playfully decorate Beyoncé's figure, and then cut out copies on vinyl.

"I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, and each time she enters a new era, it always really resonates with me. It's just too easy to get caught up in her," Pratt says. The entire process took her five days to complete. Pratt credits her creative bout to TikTok. Other fans showed off their impressively intricate DIY designs, which included sequined cowboy hats, fringe Western jackets, and beaded hand fans. Seeing them, Pratt started to feel pressure to deliver a strong look.

"I knew I had to come correct," the 32-year-old said. And she did. A TikTok spotlighting the final ensemble has received more than 700,000 views.

Pratt is not the only member of the BeyHive fan club turning into a DIY designer of sorts. Across social media, fans are tapping into Renaissance's one-of-one ballroom-inflected aesthetics with homemade looks (or perhaps lewks is the better word here). But their creativity extends past the concert they attend. They’re also dishing out custom commissions for others.

Have an extra $300 lying around (even after securing Renaissance seats)? For that price, artist and Beyoncé fan Anthony Lee Pittman will paint a hyperrealistic image of the singer onto a leather jacket for you. Or for free, you can follow a DIY tutorial on how to sand down the edges on a piece of made-at-home body armor. Or for $320, designer Kayla Monroe will craft a "comfortable and lightweight" breastplate inspired by the "I’m That Girl" teaser for you.

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There are plenty of customers out there. "I’ve had 14 people purchase the breastplate specifically for the Renaissance tour," Monroe said.

More than an eye-catching statement, the clothes are the perfect vehicle for connecting with fellow fans. When Pittman, who lives in Compton, California, flew out to Beyoncé's Paris show, he wore one of his jackets. He received a wave of spirited reactions.

"I’m really shy and introverted, so it was definitely outside my comfort zone," Pittman told Vogue. "But just being able to be out there with the Hive—everyone appreciated it and was hyping me up. It made me feel a lot more comfortable to show the jacket off and the look and everything."

One potentially risky part of choosing a re-creation of a specific Renaissance tour outfit: Beyoncé could replace it with another one by the time your tour stop comes around. The singer has whizzed through pieces as the tour has progressed, even bringing 41 custom pairs of Jimmy Choos along with her.

Some fans, however, see the steady changes as a healthy challenge. "It really keeps everything feeling fresh and exciting to me," Pratt said. "I’m genuinely considering buying another ticket so I can do it all over again."