How Manchester City's manager Pep Guardiola spends his millions
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How Manchester City's manager Pep Guardiola spends his millions

Dec 14, 2023

Pep Guardiola is an epoch-defining figure in the football world, as legendary for his prowess on the pitch as his considerable wealth.

Synonymous with high tactical acumen and innovation, Guardiola's management techniques extend beyond the game, showing as much flair in his personal spending as in his strategic football decisions.

Worth an estimated $45 million, Guardiola is no stranger to luxury and invests with precision and style.

Let's explore how one of the best-ever managers spends his millions.

In 2017, Pep Guardiola bought a mansion in the heart of Salford, Greater Manchester. The gigantic apartment isn't just a home but a statement of sophistication, seamlessly melding style, comfort, and luxury.

The home features a private swimming pool, a gym, and an exquisite spa and sauna.

In 2021, Guardiola bought an 8000-square-foot mansion in the posh area of Pedralbes of Barcelona for $11 million.

Splendidly positioned along the road of Aigües, the residence nestles near the foothills of the Sant Pere Màrtir mountain. It boasts a breathtaking panoramic view that encompasses the entirety of Barcelona.

Some may suspect that a dedicated home in the city where Guardiola played and coached for five seasons means he's coming home. But not so fast – in November 2022, the Spaniard signed a contract extension keeping him at Manchester City until 2025.

During Pep's one-year sabbatical in New York in 2012, he lived with his family at The Ardsley, a $ 31,000-a-month apartment overlooking Central Park in New York's Upper West Side. The home included four bedrooms, bathrooms, and a study where Guardiola practiced his Germany before taking on the Bayern Munich job.

Pol Ballús on Pep Guardiola:"From the moment he arrived he has been based in the city centre. He wanted to be close to the cinema, theatres, restaurants. When you ask him what is the important part of Manchester for him he says its probably his office and his house, but…"

As a man of class, Pep indulges his love for luxury cars. He navigates the roads in prestigious models like the $100,000 Range Rover SE and the $60,000 mid-size Mercedes GLE.

We also know he owns a $250,000 Bentley GTX 700 and has a damaged Mini Cooper in the garage. After all, the Spaniard is still getting used to driving on the right side all these years.

In addition to cruising in the Audi Q5 (at least in his Munich days), he's also a spokesperson for the $75,000 eco-friendly Nissan LEAF.

Barcelona'dayken oyuncularına antrenmana lüks arabalarla gelmelerini yasaklayan Guardiola, Man City tesislerinde Bentley'i ile yakalandı 🙈

Guardiola's style is a distinctive blend of sophistication and modernity, often mirroring his footballing philosophy. Known for his penchant for sleek tailored suits, crisp shirts, and skinny ties, Guardiola effortlessly marries function with fashion.

He's also a big wearer of the high-end fashion label Dsquared2, including its shoes, sweatshirts, and hoodies. After all, the Canadian design house has partnered with Manchester City on their pre-match clothing for the last seven seasons.

His love for fashion doesn't stop with clothes; his impressive collection of luxury watches adds a touch of elegance to his ensembles. One of Pep's notable timepieces is a Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe watch, specifically the $70,000 Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P.

Man In Black —Fashionista Guardiola @Dsquared2 #Pep #UCL

Photo: Twitter/@ManCity