Andy Dalton sparks slick jersey change for Panthers QBs
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Andy Dalton sparks slick jersey change for Panthers QBs

Jul 17, 2023

When the Carolina Panthers signed Andy Dalton earlier this offseason, they had their soon-to-be No. 1 overall pick in mind. Why not roster a 12-year veteran and three-time Pro Bowler to consult with your rookie quarterback?

But what the Panthers might not have known is that Dalton also has some chops as a fashion consultant.

Dalton, Bryce Young and Matt Corral looked a bit different—perhaps slimmer depending on who you ask—when they hit the practice field on Monday. Instead of donning the usual red practice jerseys, the trio began the latest installment of organized team activities in black—a change inspired by the 35-year-old passer.

Corral was really loving the switch. Here were his thoughts, courtesy of's Darin Gantt:

"Oh, man. They did well for us today," Corral said when asked about the equipment guys hooking them up. "Not just me, the whole group. Like Andy always says, keep people on their toes. Change up the swag a little here and there.

"All props to Andy, all his idea for sure. But they look good. We’re going to stand out, regardless."

Gantt also got a few words from the fashion icon himself:

"We’re staying in the color scheme, you know? You might as well make it look like part of the team than something different," the veteran quarterback said. "We’ll end up wearing whatever the offense and defense aren't wearing. There are times when they’ll switch the jerseys up, and we’ll be in blue. I think it's a good look.

"It was just a thought; why not stay with the colors? I think a lot of people liked it. . . . It looks good, though."

It's not as powerful as "Keep Pounding," but perhaps the Panthers can look good, feel good and play good into the 2023 campaign.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire