16 Personalized Gifts To Honor Your Chosen Name
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16 Personalized Gifts To Honor Your Chosen Name

Aug 12, 2023

If I’m leaving the house, I’m wearing my "Griffin" necklace. For the nine years that I went by Griffin before legally changing my name last summer, this accessory was a quintessential part of validating my nonbinary-ness, announcing to me and to the world that I was Griffin, regardless of what my license or electric bill said.

While all my legal paperwork and work forms now say "Griffin," I still cherish and adore any and all fun life items bearing the name. Keychains, stationary, jewelry: I want it all.

Holding physical items with my chosen name or initials is a pinch-me moment. These things ensure that I get to greet the world as Griffin every day; I’m not just dreaming about having a new name anymore. They also help heal leftover childhood pain from never liking my "dead" name (the name a trans person was given at birth) and never wanting to broadcast it. A gift with my chosen name is a gift to younger me. It's a signal saying "Finally, you get to be yourself, and more, you get to be celebrated for it."

Without being totally on the nose, when you’re a trans, nonbinary and/or gender-nonconforming person who has changed their name, there is indeed a great sense of pride in getting to wear or use items displaying your new title. June being Pride Month, it's a natural time to think about ways to celebrate your own name change or the name change of queer and trans people in your life.

If a friend, family member, co-worker or otherwise close person has recently changed their name, giving them a personalized gift can be a thoughtful way to show your support and excitement. And if you’ve recently changed your name, been through the hellscape that is a legal name change or just want to explore what it feels like to use a different name, getting yourself a little treat with the new name can be a sweet way to honor your own journey.

To help you pick some fun name gifts, I rounded up my favorite options for celebrating yourself or a loved one. Some are more practical and some are just fun, but all are meant as a toast to a name that feels better.

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