21 Best Golf Shorts for Men 2023
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21 Best Golf Shorts for Men 2023

Mar 09, 2023

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No matter your inseam preference, look no further than these course-ready styles.

First, an admission. I tend to avoid wearing shorts on the golf course. It could be a number of things, but the reason I give most often on days where the mercury is bursting through the thermometer is that pants make me feel taller looking down at the ball in my stance, more professional, even. (PGA Tour pros aren't allowed to rock shorts.) Because golf is mostly a mental game, I think this makes me hit it better. But you? You are normal. When it's hot, and you're playing golf, you wear shorts, and you're in the right place.

Depending on where you're playing, the course's dress code may lead you directly toward the right style of shorts, but as rules begin to loosen up everywhere, the term "golf shorts" has come to mean more than one thing. Gone are the days of sliding into an ill-fitting pair of cargo shorts, and you don't have to have critters crawling everywhere either. When I do wear shorts on the course, I've run the gamut of basketball shorts at varying lengths (best to try out at your local muni) to proper chinos. The key is all in how you style it.

Not everyone is regularly playing a track that'll allow your '97 Bulls replica shorts on its tee boxes, which is why the shorts below are mostly made up of chino shorts that support belt usage. But don't limit yourself—if you're not tucking in a polo, the opportunities to build a fit that speaks to both you and tips your hat to the dress code are limitless. And if you are, well, we've got some tried and true suggestions here for you, too.

As easy to wear, and easy to style as they come. Lulu's best-selling shorts have all the right stuff.

If you're gonna go printed, make sure it's not corny. Not only do we dig the cactus print, we love the baggy silhouette and long inseam for a mix-up on the short shorts you'll see most of the season.

Sid Mashburn chose a 7" inseam here to find a happy medium between long and short, formal and casual.

The problem with most pleated shorts is length. Todd Snyder split the difference here with a pair of mid-length cotton-linen shorts with a coin pocket that's perfect for a ball marker.

Golf shorts you can wear over and over again—the perfect pair to keep in your bag for those days where it's hotter than expected.

You're wearing shorts for a reason—it's hot. This lightweight option from bottoms-experts, Bonobos, will help make for a breezy round.

From the Golf pros at TravisMathew, a stretchy short that delivers on comfort all the way.

Dockers makes damn good pants and shorts. Malbon makes damn-cool golf apparel. In fact, it's one of the brands that launched a whole new wave in golf style. These shorts deliver on that mix of classic quality and a modern vibe.

A pair of shorts you'll want in your arsenal whether you play golf or not—but they work perfectly for the game.

Golf shorts that look sleek and will last you quite a while, because the fashion heads at J.L. don't mess around when it comes to quality and outdoor performance.

Tried and true 7-inch shorts from the brand occupying most of your closet. A solid on-and-off-the-course pair.

The perfect pair of shorts for days where you're not tucking in your top, because these have everything you love about comfortable active shorts without the belt loops.

For golfers that don't limit themselves to fairways and greens, these 100 percent recycled nylon shorts truly look good at the beach, the bar, and if you're at one of the cooler courses, fairways and greens, too.

Ben Boskovich is a contributing editor to Esquire, and writes about style and golf. He previously served as Esquire's Deputy Editor, and the site's Managing Editor. Prior to joining Hearst Digital Media, he was the Social Media Editor at Entertainment Weekly.

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